Thiết bị đo mô men xoắn tự động ADATMV5 AT2E Việt nam

Quận Bắc Từ Liêm - Hà Nội 20/05/2019
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Thiết bị đo mô men xoắn tự động ADATMV5 AT2E Việt nam
Thiết bị đo lực vặn nắp chai tự động ADATMV5 AT2E Việt nam
ADATMV5 AT2E Việt nam
ADATMV5 – Monopost Automated Torque Tester
Comply with the requirements of FDA – CFR 21-11

Technical specifications:
Using by touch screen display
Measures in opening and closing directions
Measuring range: 00.00 to 99.00
6 measuring cycles: Torque closing / Reach position / Release + break / Release + break + over screw / Non-destructive test / Cork extraction test
Units: / N.m / Inch.lbs
Rotating angle & speed adjustable under certain cycle
Accuracy: ± 0.5 % of full scale
30 products memorization
10 thresholds (limits) option
10 operators memorization
Configuration by protected password (administrator)
Memorization up to 9999 measures (transferable)
Dynamic display: statistics / hour / date
Display: product name / operator / batch N° / line N°
1 RS232 output and 1 printer output (software & printer)
Language: English
Delivered with calibration certificate COFRAC
110 / 230 V – 50/60 Hz
Automated part:
Safety door
Automatic zero before restarting cycle
Settable height of column for all samples
Easy-fast selector for cycles
Settable speed for opening and closing operations
Customized cycles
Special pneumatic chuck available
Special multi format system for both bottle and preforms
Dynamometric system
Mechanical specifications:
Stainless steel Frame
Choice of measuring chucks: Beverage / Cosmetic / Pharmacy
Dimensions: 610 (L) x 570 (W) x 1080 (H) mm
Weight: 94 kg
Mini imprimante
QTV Software
Cycle sur mesure
Pack vérification
Ajout système de mesure de force d’appui/ traction
CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN MUA BÁN. MST: 0102344810, cấp ngày 10/08/2007. SĐT: 028.73001234
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